Driveway and Walkway Safety

Tis the season! The snow and salt season, that is!

We not only take for granted, we EXPECT, that our shopping centers, highways and public walkways are maintained and clear of snow and ice. It's all about personal safety; snow and ice can lead to nasty falls and injuries.

So what can we do to be proactive about not only where we shop, but also our personal driveways and sidewalks?

  1. Be sure to monitor conditions before hitting the mall. If the weather is not condusive to the safe navigation of roadways and parking lots, stay home. Don't forget, even treated road surfaces can ice up quickly in the right conditions. Stay home and shop the web!
  2. Wear the proper footwear in winter! Ladies, heels are cute, broken ankles are not. Opt for your Uggs!
  3. Take your time! You are more apt to fall when you are in a hurry.
  4. For home, make sure you have your shovels, snowblowers, and salt or sand at the ready for when Mother Nature calls! No one wants Grandma to take a spill and break a hip on Christmas because of an icy driveway.
  5. If you do not want to do it yourself, call us at 585-924-4488! John and his fleet of trucks and experienced drivers are ready for whatever the winter season has to throw at us!

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  • by Christine Streich
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