Irrigation Services:

Irrigation Process

Our irrigation installation process begins with a free estimate from us. We will set up an appointment with you to discuss your expectations, take measurements and develop a design plan. After you sign off on a design we can then start the project! A connection will need to be made to the water source and in most cases, when connecting to the public water supply, a backflow preventer will need to be installed. A vibratory plow is used to install the pipe and wire, whenever possible, to limit lawn damage. In some instances, trenching will need to be done, however it is kept to a minimum. Once all the necessary pipe is in the ground, we’ll install the final components including valve boxes and valves, make all connections, and mount and program the controller and rain sensor.

Watch this video for a complete look at the process of installing an irrigation system:

Whether you want to install a new irrigation system, revamp or repair your existing system, John Welch Enterprise will work closely with you to determine your needs and offer you the best solution for your situation and budget.


Spring Start Up

The spring start-up procedure begins with an appointment that is scheduled by us. We will call you a week or two ahead of time and let you know when we will be in your neighborhood. Once a date has been established we take it from there. Our service technician will locate the water source, charge the mainline and begin running through each zone checking for and completing minor adjustments, noting major issues and observing the overall performance of the system and its components. Once the system check is complete we will then program the clock for present weather conditions as well as present you with any major issues that need to be addressed. With your permission, we can repair most major issues that day or set up a follow-up appointment that works for you.

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Irrigation Repairs & Troubleshooting

Our irrigation technicians have several years of experience locating, troubleshooting and repairing irrigation issues. Broken heads, leaking pipes, wet spots or lawn areas browning out? We’ve got you covered. Malfunctioning valves or controller? We can handle it. In most cases, we can address any issues within a 48-hour period. Emergencies will be handled accordingly and addressed as soon as possible. We arrive with a fully stocked trailer that contains just about any irrigation part that we will need to make the repair. This allows us, in most cases, to make the necessary repair that day saving you time and labor costs.

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Irrigation Retrofitting

Upgrading or retrofitting your current irrigation system is one of the most intelligent and economical decisions you can make. There have been numerous technological developments in the irrigation industry over the past five years improving the way we irrigate our lawns and landscapes. Smarter controllers, rain sensors, pressure regulation and high efficiency nozzles all ensure proper watering applications and improve system performance and water distribution uniformity. Call us today for a free irrigation consultation to see how we can quickly and easily incorporate more efficient technology into your irrigation system!

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Backflow Preventer Testing and Services

John Welch Enterprise, Inc. can test, service and repair just about any size and make of backflow prevention device. We service backflow devices connected to residential and commercial irrigation systems, commercial fire sprinkler systems and commercial domestic water protection applications.

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