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Since 1997, John Welch Enterprise, Inc. in Victor, NY, has provided exceptional irrigation services to residential and commercial clients across the Greater Rochester area. Our technicians have the extensive training and skill to install high-quality products to enhance and maintain your property.

We will deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions, from installing new irrigation systems to repairing your current one. The irrigation systems we install are custom-designed to give your property the enhancement it deserves. Trust our team of certified and expert installers for reliable products and effective service.

irrigation system installation | Victor, NY

Irrigation Services

Whether you need irrigation installation or repair, we are happy to offer a free estimate for any irrigation system service. From discussing your goals and expectations to executing the design plan, we are committed to making the process seamless for you and your family.

Our irrigation services include, but are not limited to:

irrigation retrofitting services | Rochester, NY

Residential & Commercial Irrigation Installation

No matter the size of your lawn, you can trust our team to ensure your lawn is at peak efficiency all year long with quality irrigation system installation. Each property is unique and requires some different maintenance techniques. Our team is trained and qualified to figure out your lawn’s specific needs and accommodate them to design the best irrigation system. We are dedicated to maximizing the life of your property.

Spring Start Up

When the spring season rolls around, we will make a call and let you know when we will be in your neighborhood. We will establish an appointment time to locate the water source, charge the mainline, and check for adjustments. Any issues in your system’s overall performance will be noted and brought up to you after observation. We can set up a follow-up appointment at your convenience to make repairs.

Irrigation Repairs & Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing issues in your irrigation and your lawn is looking rough, allow us to come in and troubleshoot the issue. We can handle any size repair, whether it be a broken head, malfunctioning valve leaking pipe, or discolored lawn areas. Not only do we act fast, but we respond quickly and arrive as soon as possible in case of an emergency. We are committed to getting your issue repaired promptly to save you money and time.

Irrigation Retrofitting

Irrigation systems can’t last forever, which is why it is essential to upgrade or retrofit your current system. Every year, new technological developments for irrigation systems are created to increase efficiency and affordability. Retrofitting your system may save you money on costly repairs and lawn maintenance. We can install smarter controllers, rain sensors, pressure regulators, high-efficiency nozzles, and more to improve your irrigation system’s performance and water distribution.

Backflow Preventer Testing & Services

Backflow preventers are meant to keep unsafe water from mixing with the clean water supply, so it is essential to be working properly. We can test, service, and repair any size or model backflow prevention devices. You don’t want to risk you or your family becoming ill from consuming unsafe water that has gotten into your water supply. Allow us to service any commercial or residential irrigation system, fire sprinkler system, or domestic water protection applications.

Irrigation Winterization

Because Upstate New York is notorious for heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures, it is essential to winterize your irrigation system. If the water in your system is not removed properly, you can risk unrepairable frozen pipes, bursts, and worse. Allow us to use pressurized air to blow out the water present in pipes, emitters, and valves. We will save you from any breaks or leaks that can result in costly and detrimental damages.

Irrigation Components

Rain Bird irrigation products | Victor, NY
Photos below of Rain Bird products courtesy of Rain Bird Corporation.
Hunter irrigation products | Victor, NY
Photos below of Hunter products courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated.

Irrigation Controllers

Hunter Pro C irrigation products | Victor, NY

Hunter Pro C

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Hunter Pro HC irrigation products | Victor, NY

Hunter Pro HC

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Rain Bird ESP-ME irrigation products | Victor, NY

Rain Bird ESP-ME

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Rain Bird ESP-TM2 irrigation products | Victor, NY

Rain Bird ESP-TM2

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Water Efficient Products

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