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Are you ready to transform your outdoor space with a beautiful patio or custom-built fire pit? John Welch Enterprise, Inc. in Victor, NY, offers exceptional, custom hardscaping services for commercial and residential clients across Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas.

Hardscaping is the backbone of any successful landscape project, including stone, masonry, or woodwork. It can define the essential aspects of your property and provide an outline for beautiful landscape designs. Trust us to bring your yard to life with quality hardscaping services.

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Hardscaping Services

We promise to deliver the look you desire for your property. Please don’t hesitate to visit our portfolio to see what we can do for you!

The most common elements of a successful hardscape include, but are not limited to:

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Paver Driveways

Are you looking for something more stylish than traditional asphalt for your driveway? We offer the perfect alternative. A paver driveway can be made of clay, brick, molded concrete, and more. They are low maintenance, visually appealing, and can handle the harsh winter months.


We can install gorgeous paver or stone patios to elevate your outdoor space. Our team has the skills and expertise to transform your property and make it your favorite spot for the warmer months. Get more use out of your yard with a beautifully finished patio.


Do you want a defined path or entrance to your outdoor patio or yard? Our hardscape experts can create a stunning paver or stone walkway that gives your property the pop it is missing. We can install your walkway quickly while exceeding your expectations.

Sitting Areas

Our team has the skills and expertise to install an intimate and beautiful private seating area for your outdoor space. Choose from stone, pavers, brick, concrete, and more. Whatever suits your budget and needs, we will gladly accommodate your preferences to create the perfect sitting area.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen or grill can create the perfect ambiance for entertaining and dining with friends and family. From layout design to the finished product, we will provide you with professional and friendly service to bring your vision to life. Your home will be the go-to summer spot.

Retaining Walls

Add function and aesthetic to your property with a natural or manufactured retaining wall. The wall can allow for more usable space, drainage solutions and act as a border for your soil and flower beds. Count on our expert hardscape specialists to install a retaining wall that suits your wants and budget.

Pillars & Columns

Custom-installed pillars and columns elevate your outdoor space. If you are looking for an elegant look for your backyard, these are the perfect addition. They are the ultimate finishing touch to any hardscaping or landscaping design.


A beautiful walkout can be just the thing to compliment your patio or walkway. We can design and install a functional yet beautiful walkout that leads from your home.

Fire Pits

Are you interested in installing a fire pit or adding one to your current patio set-up? Whether you are looking to install a gas or wood fire pit, we can handle it for you. Enjoy late nights of summer or chilly fall days with a custom fire pit for your friends and family.

Water Features

Create an aquatic oasis and add elegance to your outdoor space with custom water features. The sounds of moving water can inspire, heal, and calm to create a relaxing environment. Whether you are interested in a small waterfall, pond, garden, or stream, we can create an element for your landscape that will elevate your yard.

We can help you with the installation of low-maintenance water features or ecosystem creations. Our water feature services include but are not limited to:

  • New design and installation
  • Retrofitting and/or reconstruction
  • Service and repair
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“Never been happier. John Welch designed and installed a paver walkway for me. It overwintered well and hasn’t heaved or moved. It’s only been in a year, but so far, no problems-no grass growing on it. It’s a solid, beautiful-looking walkway. Thank you, John Welch, for a job well done.”

Tony D.

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