Part Two - Save on Heat - Reverse Your Fans!

We all learned at an early age when the firemen would come into our schools for fire drills one basic basic principle: hot air rises.

So wait, does that mean that when we turn on our previously serviced furnaces (wink), a lot of the heat is closer to the ceiling than to the floor? YES! Last I checked, unless you belong to a family of possums or bats, most of us live closer to the floor than to the ceiling (ok, no short jokes). We sit on our couches, lay in our beds, while all of the glorious warm heat looms above us. So, are we doomed? Of course not...

Simply put, change the direction on your ceiling fans! Can't get any easier than that, can it? The majority of ceiling fans have a reverse switch on the base, which will cause the fan to move in a clockwise fashion. Energy Star states that the fan will produce an updraft, and push down into the living space heated air from the ceiling. This can help to not only circulate heat, but will reduce heating costs as well. Win-win!

So, on that note, time for me to go on ceiling fan patrol. Until next time, stay warm!

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  • by Christine Streich
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