Could It Be?????

What is that bright orb in the sky?? I think some call it the SUN, but I know nothing of this mysterious ball of light. It's almost like I am dreaming....

But seriously, it has been far too long since we have seen a series of nice days. In fact, when I walked out of the office around noon today, I found myself thinking I was HOT. Weird, I know. I think we can officially say, "SPRING HAS SPRUNG", and put behind us the snow and ice that tormented us all winter long. 

Our crews are out and working full force. I can honestly say, we have an all star team this year, and we are all very excited to be back doing what we love to do. The hardscapers have a few jobs under their belts and are feeling really great about the season. The landscapers are working feverishly to get all of our maintenance projects done so people can enjoy their yards. Our mowers, well, they are the unsung heroes of our company, working week after week to make everyone's lawns look amazing all season long. Of course, our irrigation department is starting their turn ons for the season, and our carpenters are hammering away at a few deck projects that came in over the winter.

Do we sound busy? We not only sound busy, we are busy. It is not too late to get your requests in for construction or planting projects, but please keep in mind that we schedule jobs on a first come, first served basis, so the sooner you get those signed contracts in, the sooner the work will be done! If you haven't sent back you mowing contract yet, it's never too late. You can email those to or call me directly at 585-924-4488. Easy as that!

So, if you are enjoying this weather as much as I am, get out in your lawn and take a look around. Close your eyes and imagine your dream yard. And then call John Welch Enterprise to make you dream a reality.


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  • by Christine Streich
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