Irrigation Service Areas

John Welch Enterprise is proud to serve all communities in and around the greater Rochester area. Since 1997, we have continued to make the satisfaction of clients our first priority. This is why we offer irrigation work backed by experienced technicians and high-quality products. The professionals we employ have all undergone extensive training in order to provide long-lasting systems that continue to operate optimally far into the future. 

These installers also boast a number of prestigious certifications that make them true experts in the field. By delivering custom solutions perfectly suited to your needs, we guarantee an irrigation experience that doesn’t disappoint. The systems we produce are all custom designed using the latest equipment from industry-respected brands. Because we utilize the most reliable products in the industry, you get a complete custom built irrigation system that delivers in convenience and cost-efficiency.

Our irrigation installation process begins with a free estimate from us. We will set up an appointment with you to discuss your expectations, take measurements and develop a design plan. After you sign off on a design we can then start the project! A connection will need to be made to the water source and in most cases, when connecting to the public water supply, a backflow preventer will need to be installed. A vibratory plow is used to install the pipe and wire, whenever possible, to limit lawn damage. In some instances, trenching will need to be done, however it is kept to a minimum. Once all the necessary pipe is in the ground, we’ll install the final components including valve boxes and valves, make all connections, and mount and program the controller and rain sensor. 

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