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Once again I benefit from a great John Welch job. It's a pleasure to work with your company.

John and Crew, I want to thank you again for doing such an amazing job fixing my porch roof. I never imagined that it could be restored and made even better the way you did it. And to John for your incredible kindness and generosity. I will be forever grateful.

Hi Jim, just wanted to send this quick message to update you and thank you for your help in getting my terrible porch roof repaired. I am sure you remember the rotted caved-in porch roof of my house on Glendale Park in Rochester. Thanks to your advice, I knew what to look for in the way of repairs and contractors. As you probably know, I did end up with John Welch Enterprise, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with the job they did. The two guys he sent here are amazing craftsmen, and the job they did was way beyond anything I could have imagined they'd be able to do. I now have a porch roof that is better than it ever was, even has a metal roof! I hope you can see pictures of this. If I had the technology to send you some I would, but I can't do it with what I have available. If you are in the city, take a drive by 40 Glendale; you'll be amazed! So thanks for your great advice in how to approach this issue of getting the proper repairs made by a reputable contractor. The money I spent on the consultation with you was well worth it! P.S. I was up early enough yesterday morning to hear the first hour of Home Repair Clinic and I heard John say that his carpenters had wrapped up the porch job they were working on. Pretty sure that was mine, and it was nice to get an honorable mention on the show like that!

Thank you for making the trip to Maine to teach the ICPI class. Over the past 30 years I have 'sat through' varied training courses from computer programming to shooting sports to landscaping and your class was the BEST I have ever attended. Your enthusiasm, technical knowledge and business acumen are unparalleled. The anecdotes were on point and added to the class immensely. I left not only more technically capable than when I arrived but with a new found energy for building my business. I sitting here planning better 'job flows', improved safety plans, new marketing, building a better business with an energy I have not had for years. So THANK YOU again for all that you do.

Hi, I just wanted to let Karl know that the lovely birdhouse fountain that he made for our garden is now host to a family of Chickadees. :) I never expected birds to take up residence in a birdhouse so close to the ground, yet the did, and seem to be thriving. Daddy-bird is very busy bringing yummy bugs and worms to his family. It is fun to watch them. Thankfully, we no longer have outdoor cats, or the family wouldn't survive long. Thank you Karl for such a wonderful feature for our front garden. Let your mom know too. If I get a picture of the birds, I'll try to send it to you. Come by sometime to see our new garden in bloom. :)

Hi, I just wanted to let Karl know that the lovely birdhouse fountain that he made for our garden is now host to a family of Chickadees. :) I never expected birds to take up residence in a birdhouse so close to the ground, yet the did, and seem to be thriving. Daddy-bird is very busy bringing yummy bugs and worms to his family. It is fun to watch them. Thankfully, we no longer have outdoor cats, or the family wouldn't survive long. Thank you Karl for such a wonderful feature for our front garden. Let your mom know too. If I get a picture of the birds, I'll try to send it to you. Come by sometime to see our new garden in bloom. :)

I want to send an appropriate word of thanks for getting our HVAC system back up and running.
From the moment you took my phone call, I knew we were on our way to a solution. Your quick response, positive attitude, promise to have your men here at 8 a.m. the following morning, and past experience, all helped to remove the anxiety we were experiencing due to the electrical failure of our system.
Your guys Chris and Dan were here right at 8 a.m., got started immediately, and worked tirelessly until they found and fixed the problem. Since these guys had been here for other services, I knew we were going to have a solution no matter what.
Joanne and I are extremely grateful to you, your company, and the quality of the workmen you send whenever we need your services, particularly in times of emergency.
It’s a genuine pleasure doing business with you.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the people at John Welch Enterprise.

Good Evening John,
I wanted to thank you again for the presentation you had in class these past few days. You gave a ton of information, tips, tricks, knacks, not only for hardscaping, but ideas and information on how to make my business, much, much more successful!!! I walked into the class thinking I was going to be learning only about hardscaping, and I left with some pretty amazing advice, fired up, ready to GET AT IT!! I really appreciate your openness to sharing information about the business, not many people like to do that. It’s great to here success stories and all, but you never hear the HOW people got successful. Your systems, programs, employee breakfast’s really made an impression on me. Even though it seems like a tiny bit, it’s definitely opened my eye’s on how to be even more successful. I would like to come visit your operation for the day if you or someone had some time where that would be possible.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

John Welch's work is beyond top-notch quality, it is an engineering marvel and a work of art. The flagstone he installed at our pool is absolutely consistent with the mid-century feel that we were trying to maintain. The drainage system he installed will insure that it will last a very very long time. We could not be happier.

After coming home from a 14 hour shift my husband parked outside of our driveway to begin snow blowing the 2 feet of snow that fell in the last 24 hours. John Welch Enterprise stopped and offered to plow it for him free of charge. We were so grateful!!! Thank you so much for your kind deed!

"Thanks so much for setting up my parents' plow service so promptly. They were thrilled!"

"The men who worked on my jobs were fantastic. They were very careful with the work and reliable. Karl was exceptional in knowledge and follow up! Thanks for the balloon and mug!"

A note from our Camp Good Days camper's family who received 4 50 yard line Bills tickets at our Charity Classic:

"We had a fantastic time at the game! It was an amazing experience getting to be on the field before the game. At one point, while we were standing by the fenced area, JJ Watt walked right by Cole and went through to the stands to play catch with the kids who were at the front of the stands. Getting to watch the players warm up and exchange high fives with them was awesome. The game, as you probably saw, was pretty intense. When the Texans scored to tie the game, we were nervous; but being right on the fifty, we had an great vantage point to see Tyrod hit Clay for the winning touchdown.

We can't thank you enough for the opportunity. It's an experience we will remember for a long time!"

Hi, Karl. Thank you for the new landscaping around our house. Everyone who sees it is full of enthusiastic praise. The neighbors have come over to see what happened here and they all like the changes. Our family and some friends came for the holiday celebration Saturday and were going out in the rain Friday evening to admire the changes. As you know, the old plantings were out of control and the old paving was boring or worse. Your ideas and the hard work of your crews have created a look we couldn't have imagined. Thanks again.

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the crew and equipment you provided for the Oil Spill in Williamson over the past few days. This is actually the second time I have worked with guys from your company on an emergency response and in both cases I was very happy with their work ethic. I believe their names this time around were: Kevin, Tom and Dan. These guys came on site ready to work, and maintained professional, respectful attitudes throughout the project. I cannot tell you how impressed and grateful I was to have them on site.

Thanks again for all of your help & equipment!

The work that John Welch did on our pool was extraordinary. John personally worked with us in order to get the design exactly as we wanted and the craftsmanship of his people is beyond compare. You can not ask for more.

You can’t possibly imagine the impact your phone call had on us yesterday afternoon.

Clearly we were distraught as water was flowing down our sliding glass doors. Initially I went to take a photo of it because it was so impressive AND I had thought it was flowing on the outside. When I realized it was on the inside, ponding onto our newly refinished hardwood floor, we moved into high gear: blankets, towels, pails, and cookie sheets. There was no time for a photo.

I knew Ron would get the answering machine because I knew you closed at 4:30. The fact that you called back, after hours, and walked Ron through the remedy was truly a godsend. We were able to exhale because we knew we were in good hands.

Thank you so much for being who you are: a hard working, conscientious, can-do, go the extra mile kind of man who cares about his clients. We are so grateful for your extra efforts!

We are very pleased with the work done rebuilding a wall and stairs at our home. The two men who did the work were excellent workers and did a beautiful job. We would ask for them again if another job is ever needed. They represent your company at the highest level. Thank you!

A HUGE "thank you" to everyone at John Welch Enterprise who was involved in my project.

Everyone was personable, professional and obviously experts at what you did. I am so excited about the difference this made in my property!

Especially thank you to Drew - you were wonderful to work with.

I appreciate everyone's hard work!

Dick and I want to say thank you for the beautiful repair work done on our patio pavers and slate sidewalk. Terry and Bill arrived on time, did exacting work to level and replace pavers and slate. They finished on time. They went over and above on every detail. In addition to the expected work they raked soil on the edges of the driveway and swept the driveway and patio area of any trace of their visit!

Christine is also an exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and efficient customer service associate. We will recommend and use you for all our plowing and landscape projects.

Dear John,

Once again, I am singing your praises! Your crew repaired our front wall from snow plow damage and did a wonderful job. Careful, efficient, and personable men - the wall looks better than new.

Thank you for starting and running such a fine company!


Thank you for all of the fine work and service over the past 4+ years.

It is a pleasure having you and your folks working here. I really do appreciate the extra effort everyone goes to in making my home always look and feel so good.

Happy Holidays and keep up the A+++ trademark that is John Welch Enterprise.

I am sorry to be moving and sorry that you do not provide services in Northern VA, where we are moving to. If you ever want to expand, that is an extremely lucrative market, and I would love to manage your services down there! You’ve provided amazing service for everything we’ve requested. God willing, we’ll be back in the area in about 5 years, and I’ll be in contact.

John Welch Enterprise efficiently manages our Snow Removal and Landscaping Maintenance needs year round. They are timely, meticulous and have greatly improved the appearance of our Buffalo Street facility with their landscape maintenance process. Since our relationship began with John Welch, we have been extremely satisfied with his responsive and attentive team of professionals.

Here is a big thank you to your plow driver who does our work here for our Association - particularly in my case, 15 Charleston Drive!! Someday, I would like his name. Without going into detail, despite his excellent regular plowing of our Townhome driveways, I could NOT get my little Corolla up my very steep driveway. He came to my rescue in every way - first trying to hand push me when actually stuck in my street and then, GIVING me a full bag of his ice melting product - carrying it up to my garage. After I spread it & allowed it to "work in" I was able to get my car up & into my garage!! Whew!!.

His helpfulness, politeness and gentlemanly attitude shown through throughout the episode.

And, again, thank you young man - your "Customer service" will go a long way toward our business relationship!! And boy, do you do a masterful plowing job - like watching true "poetry in motion"