Down to the Roots - March 2015

As we are all very well aware, especially those of us in the Western New York area, there is A LOT of snow out there. It is the coldest, snowiest winter in recent memory and is shaping up to be the coldest on RECORD.

So, are you wondering how your plants are doing under that heavy blanket of white nonsense? Well, rest assured, more than likely the answer is "just fine". 

That cold snowpack actually acts as an insulator for the plants, holding heat in the ground as the plants "hibernate" for the winter. It also protects them from damaging winds and frost heave. 

So, bottom line, there are always plants that don't make it thru the winter. Even they have life cycles and are subject to death. The good news is, the snow actually works to protect them so they will live to see another Spring.

Yay for snow! Ok, I went too far....

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  • by Christine Streich
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