Christmas Tree Safety

We hate to be all Debbie Downer and such, but with the joy of the holidays come hidden dangers that we all need to be aware of. To kick off this series, we are going to start with the very symbol of Christmas: the tree.

Christmas tree safety is paramount this time of year. Real or artificial, there are steps to ensure that your home and loved ones are protected from the hazards that the tree can expose you to.

  1. A dry tree is not only an unhappy tree, it is a fire waiting to happen. Check the water level in your natural tree on a daily basis to ensure not only are you not setting yourself up for disaster, but that your tree lasts longer as well.
  2. Real or artificial, make sure your tree is not too close to a heat source. Heat will dry your tree and increase your chances of a fire.
  3. Ensure that your Christmas lights are in good working order before decorating. An electrical short can lead to fire, which will really put a damper on your holiday festivities.
  4. Even a well watered tree should be discarded after 4 weeks. A tree put up after Thanksgiving should be discarded after Christmas, not New Year's.
  5. Finally, studies have shown that discarded trees can be attractive for arsonists. Please dispose of your tree with care!


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