Part Six - HIT THE ROOF! (Ok, not LITERALLY...)

Getting up on your roof may appear to be a daunting task. If you are anything like me, you don't get anywhere near anything that resembles a ladder. Then how, Christine, do you check your roof for missing or damaged shingles? Why, I will tell you! BINOCULARS!

That's right, binoculars are not just for your run of the mill Peeping Tom or bird watcher these days! They also can come in handy for tasks such as roof inspection! Be sure to look for damaged or loose shingles that may leak during a winter storm or melting snow. Check and have breaks in the flashing seals around vent stacks and chimneys repaired too.

If you suspect your roof is in need of repair, we can help! Whether it's replacing a few shingles or a large section of roofing, the Carpentry Department at John Welch Enterprise, Inc. has you covered! Call today for an estimate, 585-924-4488.


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