Part One - Check the Health of Your Heating System

The cold weather is coming. We have already gotten a taste of it, and if you are anything like me, you are sooooo not ready! The first night that it got truly COLD a week or so ago, I came home from a busy day at the office, and the house was the temperature of a meat locker. I had been resisting turning on the furnace because let's face it, it is almost conceding that the S-word is not far behind. I knew, however, that if I didn't want to die in my sleep of hypothermia, I had to do it. So over to the thermostat I went, reluctantly clicked it over to the ON position, and much to my relief, my furnace purred like a kitten. Ahhhhhh, HEAT!

This was not by chance. This year, and every year, I call on a professional to come out and service my furnace. Think of it as a yearly physical. You don't think anything is wrong, but you are going to get it checked out by the professionals to make sure that in fact your source of heat for the cold weather season is in good "health". On average, it costs about $100 to have someone come out and inspect your furnace to make sure it is clean and in good repair, as well as running efficiently. The technician will also check for carbon monoxide leakage, which can be quite literally a life saver.

You yourself can go out and purchase new filters from a home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot, and install them to increase the efficiency of your system, as well as cut down on airborn allergens in your home. In my house, we change ours every six months, and it is so simple to do! All you will need is the model of your furnace to ensure you are buying the proper sizes. To make it easy, I often take the filters right to the store with me as another way to check that I am buying the proper product.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This cannot be more true than when it's 5 degrees outside and you are relying on your trusty furnace to fire up to keep you and your loved ones warm. Problems can often be detected early and addressed before the bitter cold sets in. Call your furnace technnician TODAY to make sure you are ready for the winter temperatures that will be here sooner than later. You will thank me later....

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  • by Christine Streich
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