John Welch is an ICPI Authorized Instructor, ICPI Certified Installer, and NCMA Certified. Throughout the year, John Welch travels the East Coast instructing various classes to installers, dealers, and manufacturers educating them in a variety of areas.

ICPI Installer Courses are offered throughout the year in various locations and is offered through the sponsorship of ICPI paver manufacturing members. Courses are offered in a classroom setting that promotes networking and personal interaction with instructors and other participants. All courses conclude with an exam and those participants earning a passing score on the exam will receive a Record of Completion. In addition, participants have the opportunity to pursue certification, designations and industry recognition after completing an application form that includes installation experience.

About your Instructor:

John has been involved in the Hardscape industry since 1995. John started as a laborer learning the trade from the ground up. After working for one company John started his company in 1997. In the early years John would regularly attend education classes in all areas of the industry. Becoming ICPI certified in 2008 he realized the work he needed to do to grow a successful Hardscape business and has done so since. His excitement for the industry grew to great heights that he felt the need to pass along all his knowledge to others within the industry. John spends the off-season traveling the East coast doing classes for Manufactures, Dealers, Hardscape Companies and private groups. John also has become very involved in the New England Concrete Manufacturers Association Either running their Competition or Judging the Hardscape Installation Competition. In addition, John continues to further his knowledge whenever possible by regularly
taking industry classes.  

Classes Offered: 

Contract Basics: 55 minutes

This class is designed to answer questions about writing proper contracts. Targeting owners, office staff, sales and estimators we go over contract requirements, Quotation, Payment, Change Orders and Warranties. 


Estimating and Job Costing: 85 minutes

This course is designed to give owners and managers a look into their own company and help them to learn how to cost jobs properly and ultimately estimate accurately. We will go over basics and then travel in depth to all things needed to make your hardscape business more successful.


Introduction to Permeable ICP: 85 minutes

We take an in depth look at the installation process for permeable pavement. The how-to dos and the what not to dos. We also take a look at constructing a hybrid base for many reasons, including extending the building season and saving time.


Job Planning: 55 minute

Job planning is designed to be beneficial to all people in the hardscape installation business. From office staff to installers and everyone in between. Here we take an in depth look in to planning and documenting jobs. We discuss Job Jackets Time Sheets, Drawings and all things necessary to plan a job to be successful.


Marketing: 55 minutes

We look in detail and explain how to get the customer base you are looking for. This will require attendees to do some serious work on there own to promote their business to the customers they want. No more wasted energy or money chasing the wrong clientele.


Millennials: 55 minutes

It is not them. They are not the problem. We need to learn hoe to teach and work with them I will explain how to get Millennials not only on board with your business, but they will love the work they do.


Optimize Your Business: 55 minutes

We discuss ten things that owners and leaders should be doing with there time to increase the entire company’s worth. How do you spend your time? Let us explain how you should spend your time for optimal return.


Overlays: 55 minutes

Overlays can be very tricky and each one needs to be done specifically for the application. We show how to make the decision for the proper installation of the overlay.


Raised Patios (For Experienced Installers) 85 Minutes

With NCMA having their rules on wall building and ICPI having their criteria for proper base for paver construction they tend to contradict one another. We discuss both sides and then show you how to build raised ICP so you can rest assured you will not have a failure.


Safety, Safety, Safety: 55 Minutes

Every parson in every company needs to sit in on this one. We discuss how to get the entire company involved and take ownership of their own safety and those around them. We teach how to breath safety in everything you do. We discuss Worksite Analysis, Hazard Prevention and Control, Training Employees, Supervisors and Managers.


Site Management, Flow of Materials: 55 minutes

In all my years looking at hardscape businesses I have seen the amount of lost time on a jobsite can destroy the ability to break even, let alone make a profit. We show you how to both manage a site and control the flow of materials to optimize your profitability.


Step Construction: 55 minutes

Now I like my customers, but I sure don’t like them calling me back for repairs. Steps can be one of the most difficult builds in a hardscape and may be your number one reason for call backs. We show you how to build steps in different configurations and eliminate the call backs.


Tools of the Trade: 55 minutes

Tools change every day, and it can be difficult to stay current with the industry. We show you the latest trends in tools to keep you operating your company efficiently and profitably. This is not just about the tools we can not afford so this is good for everyone.


The SWEAT Pledge: 55 minutes

Mike Rowe form Dirty Jobs has concluded like the rest of us that there is a labor shortage in the trades. We take an in depth look at his 12 point SWEAT Pledge that our company has adopted. It helps create a mindset that all jobs are good jobs and teaches people how to love their job and bring passion to it every day.