Brent Colling

Irrigation Foreman/Technician

Here at John Welch Enterprise, Inc. our irrigation department is committed to offering the best in commercial and residential irrigation. Brent Colling is an integral part of that department and regularly participates in training and educational opportunities to remain current on the latest technology and trends in the irrigation industry.

Since his hire in 2013, Brent has consistently participated in Rain Bird Academy earning the Factory Trained Designation in Low Volume Irrigation, Drainage and Water Efficient Products as well as completing Rain Bird's Irrigation Auditor Course and the Landscape Irrigation Design Process Course. Other training and accomplishments include earning the Product Specialist designation through Hunter Industries and becoming New York State Approved Backflow Tester.

Brent's commitment and desire to become one of the area's most reputable irrigation install and maintenance contractors allows John Welch Enterprise, Inc. to offer a full range off irrigation, lighting and water feature options.